massage works Most people will benefit from massage therapy.

Relax sore muscles and stiff joints with massage therapy. Massage feels good and has profound effects on health and well being. It can get your body performing at its best. You will be surprised how it can help. Have you had aches and pains for a long while now? Are you having trouble doing your activities at home or work? Do not let an injury, stress or pain and discomfort slow you down. Why not see if Alison can help? Alison has helped clients who have tried different therapies before they found her treatment worked for them.

Have you had cancer?

Whether you are currently undergoing treatment or have been living with your cancer for some time, massage therapy care will be of great support to you, at any stage of your journey.

Massage tailored to your needs and preferences

Alison strives to provide professional, thorough and effective massage therapy treatment, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. After a discussion and assessment, Alison can recommend the best treatment that will help you.