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Lymphedema and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) massage works

Lymphedema is a condition where swelling occurs as a result of a problem in the lymph system. Fluid builds up in the tissue because of a blockage or deficiency in the lymphatic vessels or nodes. Lymphedema is a progressive condition which does not resolve on its own. The swelling will gradually increase in the affected area over time. As the size of the limb increases, it becomes more difficult to use it properly.
Lymphedema is frequently a complication after lymph nodes are removed, usually related to cancer treatment.
The good news is that it is a condition that can be controlled. It is much easier to control it if it is treated early, so it is better not to wait.
Using the Dr. Vodder Method, the fluid in the tissue can be directed to flow through alternative pathways, bypassing the damaged areas. Bandaging is used to keep the swelling from increasing or returning.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment has a remarkable effect that can be seen with each treatment. With each treatment the size of the swelling is visibly reduced. After the size is normal the patient is fitted with a compression garment which can be easily worn daily, which prevents the edema from returning.
Exercises and precautions are also provided to help lessen the edema.
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