massage works Myth:

One treatment does the trick


Remember that a problem that is more serious or older usually takes a longer, more difficult time to heal. Most research into the effectiveness of massage, physio or chiropractic care is based on a treatment plan of 4 to 6 treatments.

The finish line is the end of the treatment plan. You may find that the journey toward the finish line is not always straight, but instead has ups and downs. Your best chance of reaching the finish line is to follow the treatment plan, attend all the sessions in a timely fashion and do the prescribed home care and exercises that you and your therapist agreed to.

For long term health, consider a maintenance plan of monthly treatments. This approach works well when you are at a level of health that you want to maintain. The monthly massages take care of minor aches before they become painful problems. It could work to keep stress at reasonable levels, prevent headaches and prevent flare ups of chronic problems.