massage works

It is an excellent treatment to resolve severe bruising, accelerate healing in muscle strains/sprains such as sports injuries or whiplash, or for inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis. It also helps healing after surgery, for burns or other skin conditions such as acne. During and after MLD treatment of a bruise it is often possible to visibly see the bruise breaking up and tracking along the lymphatic pathways as it dissolves. In the cases of inflammation, such as acute burns or whiplash, the pain, redness and swelling is visibly reduced after one treatment.


MLD has been found to be an excellent and effective treatment for clients with painful conditions. MLD is an ideal treatment if no other manual therapy is tolerable because of pain. MLD is appropriate for acute conditions, following a recent surgery or a recent sprain or strain. It is also helpful for chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, fibrocystic breast disease, auto-immune disorders that cause pain and weakness. With MLD treatment clients experience decreased pain and swelling, relaxing tense muscles and fascia, and overall improvement in their condition.


MLD is often recommended to help with a detoxification process. The lymph system is responsible for removing and breaking down waste from the body. Toxins may sometimes accumulate in the body if our lymph system is a little sluggish. Lymphatic massage will help stimulate the lymph vessels so that they are pumping more frequently and effectively. As a result, the toxins are eliminated more quickly.